Some of the Guest Comments Received

Great Guide, Wonderful Wine & Food Experience - Thank You Sue!!

My wife and I are both Burgundy wine lovers and, having never been before, arranged a birthday trip to Beaune with four of our friends – the parents of one having previously hired and recommended Sue. Wine tasting at vineyards in Burgundy is difficult and requires appointments so Sue took the hassle out of everything. Sue picked the six of us up at our hotel in Beaune and drove us first to Northern Cote de Beaune. Our first tasting was at a lovely family owned winery where one of the owners and winemakers was friendly and generous – both in showing us the property and in allowing us to taste several of the wines. Sue then drove us back towards Beaune and after a short tour, we settled in for lunch in Puligny Montrachet where we all shared two lovely bottles. During lunch, Sue continued telling us about the area and, helpfully how to understand and distinguish between the various labels denoting the classifications (Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Village and Regional). After lunch, we continued our wine tasting in Meursault and then Sue gave us another driving tour of various well known vineyards. While I bought a case at each vineyard we visited, I was hoping to buy more wine so Sue drove us back to Beaune for tasting at a local wine store. Overall, it was a wonderful day, and despite my having geeked out and researched Burgundy extensively prior to our trip (read, listened to podcasts, and drank and drank), Sue not only made the trip effortless and pleasant, but also educational (she described me as one that wants to know everything about everything). I was left wanting more – sign me up for the advanced course! In summary, Sue is both really interesting and knowledgeable and maximized our experience and enjoyment and simply made for a very special day (just writing this makes me wish I were there now). Sue has also been terrific after the tour – having sent us pictures, following-up on the wine I ordered, and responding promptly to my requests for advice, as I’ve continued to purchase after the trip. Sue was, and has been, a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to book another tour with Sue, and very much look forward to doing so the next time we are in Burgundy. Steve - New York City

Enjoy the magic of the Côte de Nuits with a fun and passionate expert!

My wife and I wanted to visit Burgundy, as we are novice wine lovers and I am from Oregon a Burgundy wanna-be in the world of Pinot Noir. Our guide Suzan picked us up from our hotel in Beanue and proceeded to take us through the Cote de Beaune and into Nuis St Georges. Along the way she quickly assessed our (limited) knowledge of the area, history of the vinyards, the AOC classification system and more. We descended upon our first tasting at Domaine Pierre Amiot with a fine selection of Regional, Village, Premier Crus and finally Grand Crus wines. Sue was very helpful in maximizing our experience and enjoyment. Off we went to a wonderful lunch in the Vougeot area where she deployed her deep expertise in French cooking to further our culinary knowledge and desires! Next stop was to our next tasting at Marchand-Tawse for another round of incredible wines to sample, along with a few barrel tastes. It was a memorable and extremely informative time. We reluctantly had to wrap things up and head back to our hotel and to further explore the city of Beaune (which Sue gave us a perfect restaurant recommendation). All in all a fantastic time. Thank you Sue! Brett - Brooklyn, New York

An (Un)Familiar Friend in Burgundy!

Have you ever wished that you had a life-long friend who lived in Burgundy and had all sorts of amazing contacts throughout the Burgundy culinary and wine scenes? Well, if you're a loser like me and don't have any friends like that, I am happy to report that for a very fair price, you can hire Sue Boxell to be your friend for the day..or two...maybe even a week! Sue picked me and my wife up just outside the city walls of Beaune and took us on an amazing gastronomic and Bacchanalian adventure through the Côte du Nuit....what a treat! Our first stop was a restaurant in the town of Marsannay-la-Côte, where Chef Romain led through meal prep, explaining the all the steps in the process and teaching us cool chef tricks along the way. After we had long worn out our welcome in the kitchen (kidding, but we really were in his way at this point), he finished preparing our lunch in solitude, which was served to us on the beautiful terrace of his restaurant. After we finished at the restaurant, Sue drove us to Nuits-Saint-Georges, where we took a tour of the facilities and then had a private tasting with the winemaker in the cellar. What a treat! It was clear to us that Sue had clearly built a relationship of trust with the winemaker, as we had a very informative and wide-ranging conversation with him. We were also thrilled to learn that since he had leftover stock from a massive tasting with buyers from Asia the day before, we would get to taste even more of their beautiful wines. Unfortunately, we spent so much time drinking through all the different offerings at the winery we didn't make it to our second tasting venue. That said, I don't think we could have consumed anything else. On the way back, Sue drove us through the countryside, pointing out distinctive/important plots and explaining everything we wanted to know about Burgundy's wine industry. As an added bonus, we stopped and helped a lost puppy find his way back home (seriously!). While we were sad to reach the end of our day with Sue, we are keenly aware that all good things must come to an end. We truly enjoyed her company and learned a lot throughout the course of the day. One thing is certain: we know that the next time we're in Burgundy, we'll be hiring our new friend, Sue, to take us on another fantastic voyage throughout the villages and countryside of Burgundy! Book with her won't regret it! Wayne - Washington DC

Great cooking lesson

My husband and I wanted to have a cooking lesson while on vacation in Beaune to learn the typical Burgundian fare. Sue arranged for a lesson in the chefs home, but it was far from typical. While he used local ingredients, such as escargot and epoisse cheese, the recipes were not what we expected. They were so much better. We made a simple, yet elegant three course meal, and he took the time to ensure we learned the technique, rather than just providing a set recipe. We started wth gougeres, the traditional accompaniment for the aperitif, then we made escargot spring rolls, chicken with the epoisse sauce, potatoes au gratin, and a delectable dessert with rhubarbs and strawberries. Sue picked us up in the morning, took us to the chef's home, stayed with us, and then, after we all enjoyed the meal we had prepared, took us through the vineyards of the Cote de Nuits and gave us a lesson on the wines of the region. All in all, a wonderful day. Connie - Baltimore, Maryland

Exquisite scenery and viewpoints

Excellent day out with a very helpful guide in wonderful old towns. We booked the Mediaeval towns tour with Sue and were driven to Semur-en-Auxois, Flavigny and Chateauneuf. The weather wasn't the best but the rain fell when we were in the car and not when we were walking. The beauty of a local guide is finding all the little winding roads and pathways to some of the most exquisite scenery and viewpoints we never would have seen or found by ourselves. We had a wonderful lunch in Flavigny cooked by a consortium of local farmers with their own fresh produce, and just had a wonderful day all round. Highly recommended and thank you Sue. Sharon, Perth, Australia

Private and personal tour

We had a great time with Sue. She arranged a private tour just for us that included cooking with a local French chef in his private residence as well as cheese tasting in the local cheese manufacturing facility. She drove us everywhere, was full of information about the vineyards, the cheeses, and, best of all, translated for us so we could communicate with the chef. Merci, Sue! Hardenei - Georgetown, Canada

Great day with Sue

We did the Cote de Beaune day-long wine tour in April 2017. Sue knows her stuff - she's been running wine tours in Burgundy for over 12 years, and has access to wineries that it would not be possible to visit otherwise. She was very accommodating with respect to our interests and also arranging to ship wine and had clearly developed good relationships with the wineries. A pleasure to spend the day with. If we are in Burgundy again we would definitely book another tour with Sue. Kristina, Addis Ababba, Ethiopia

Worth every Euro! Sue makes you feel like Royalty!

Sue Boxell is an amazing person. She is very energetic, and has an amazing amount of knowledge of the Beaune wine trade, the history of the villages, and she seems to know everyone! We took THREE of her tours. On day One we visited various wineries and had had an incredible lunch at one of Beaune resident’s favorite restaurants. We visited two ancient wine cellars (16th and 17th century ancient!) and tasted some great (and rare and expensive) wines. Then she took us to a small town outside Beaune to eat some delicious typical Burgundian food. INCREDIBLE! Day two we visited some wine shops and then she took us to a small village deep in the vineyards of Burgundy to a chef’s elegant and boutique café where we took a private 3 hour class with chef Roland. We learned to cook Lapin (rabbit) TWO DIFFERENT WAYS, make exotic curly potato chips and potato stars, white asparagus goodies, and I cannot remember what else…. It was so rich, decadent, and delicious. We finished the cooking class with a special aperitif, and then we sat out in the restaurant’s sunlit patio. There, Chef Roland brought out all the food we had prepared cooked to perfection, and served with what else….. Great Burgundy wines, red and white. Day three was a grand finale! We visited four medieval villages and tour the countryside, eating in an incredible restaurant in a tiny French village in the middle of nowhere. It could easily pass for a 4 star hot spot in Beverly Hills… but there it was, full of locals eating their regular meals in a beautiful setting. I highly recommend Sue Boxell’s Burgundy on a Plate tours. They are worth every euro you pay! We hope to do her other tours next year. Kristina, Addis Ababba, Ethiopia

Fantastic personalized tour

I had a great day touring the Burgundy vineyards north of Beaune. Given that it was early February and no one else in their right mind is touring in that region, I was the only one on the tour. Sue Boxell graciously agreed to tailor a tour that was suited to my interests--which happens to be red wines. She gave me an in-depth course in the history of the region, the classification system, etc. as we drove to our first stop in Chambolle Musigny (after a quick stop to genuflect at the Romanee-Conti vineyard). At Chambolle Musigny a friend of hers gave us a tasting of several of their wines. This vintner was not generally open to the public. We then went to Gevrey Chambertin where another friend offered us a significant number of wines for tasting, including some older premier crus. This winery is more generally open to the public but the vigneron was extremely gracious and informative. Sue found a fantastic restaurant for us in Marsannay and then we started our drive back toward Beaune with a stop at Chateau Clos de Vougeot and a cask and wine tasting at Nuit St. Georges. This is the kind of tour I have wanted to take my entire adult life and I was really rewarded. Her price is far more reasonable than those of other tour groups and her knowledge of the food and wine of the region can't really be beat! Luca, New York City

A wonderful, worthwhile trip . . .

We had an amazing all day trip with Sue Boxell (Burgundy on a Plate) through the countryside from Beaune to Vézelay. Because of her knowledge of people and places we saw more, did more, and ate better than we could ever have done on our own. Looking forward to going back and will definitely depend on her. (We want to spend some time on a canal barge!) PS Sue knows the best vantage points for great photos . . Wrath,Sacramento, California

2 Days of Touring with Burgundy on a Plate at Christmas

Sue was the perfect guide for my wife and I. We had a great time and learned much about the food and wine of Burgundy. She arranged unique tasting appointments with wine makers and owners of vineyards. We had two amazing lunches with Sue and even went hunting for truffle with a truffle dog and to a chocolate shop during our two days. Highly recommend her if you are looking for personal service, education and outstanding experiences Chip, Weatherford, Texas

The best of Burgundy!

Our group of four spent a fabulous two days touring the Cote de Noir and the Cote de Beaune with Sue Boxell. Sue picked us up at our hotel and drove us for a full day of touring and tasting in this incredible place for wine lovers. Sue uses the time that she is driving you to the various locations to educate you on the history of the area and the rather complex classification system for the wines--it is complicated so listen up! Grand cru, premier cru, village wines...we loved it all! Over the two days we met really different winemakers, some who come from families that have been in the region making wine for many generations and some new to the area in just the last 10-20 years. We had incredible lunches on both days at very picturesque locations. We were interested in learning as much as possible about winemaking in Burgundy and we were not disappointed in Sue's knowledge of the region and her knowledge about the wine. It is clear that Sue has a passion for giving you a sense of all that contributes to the unique terroir reflected in these very special wines. Chris, Dallas, Texas

Burgundy seen at it's best!

We chose to visit Burgundy to learn about the wines, region, history, food, and culture. We made the fabulous choice to hire Sue for 3 days, and it was marvelous! Sue has lived in Burgundy for 11 years, and speaks fluent French. She has many connections, and was able to take us to many wine tasting venues that introduced us to their wines. We never would have had the opportunity to experience such an educational experience without her. She also introduced us to their cuisine with beautiful lunches, and a cooking class in a professional chef's kitchen. It was great having her drive us around the region, explain the history, and visit medieval towns and market places. We like to plan our own vacations, and realize the value and amazing experience you can have with a private tour guide. We highly recommend Sue Boxell of Burgundy on a Plate. Nancy, Santa Rosa, California

Some good things are even better if you repeat them properly

It was my second experience with Sue and Burgundy on a Plate in four years. Everything went smooth and nearly perfect - weather, company, cellars, wines, tastings, lunch, new things to know about beautiful Burgundy and even some jokes! The whole day passed really quick leaving long pleasant finish and desire to come again. Hint: take some warm sweater, It's really chilly in cellars. How could I forget it this time? :-) Mike, Shanghai, China

Great immersion into Burgundy wine culture!

My cousin and I just toured with Sue for 3 days in Burgundy on a private tour and we had a fabulous time. Sue picked us up at our hotel each morning with a complete itinerary planned for us including wine tasting, touring, delicious meals, and a full day of cooking with a professional French chef. We loved our immersion into all things Burgundy through Sue’s eyes and felt so privileged to experience the private tastings at the exclusive wineries, receive a wonderful tour of the surrounding medieval villages, and a chance to savor traditional Burgundy dishes such as coq-au- vin. Sue has lived in Burgundy for 11 years, speaks fluent French, and has developed wonderful working relationships within the wine-making community. If you want to come away with a whole new enthusiasm and understanding of Bourgogne, we highly recommend Burgundy on a Plate! Kris, San Diego

A fun and educational experience with an accommodating guide

I had originally booked the full day cooking class and wine tasting tour with a friend. however, a few days before the day of the tour, there were some unexpected changes and i ended up travelling solo. sue did a wonderful job of accommodating this, allowing me to still get the most out of the tour by doing the cooking class one-on-one with a lovely chef the first half of the day, and later joined by another couple for the lunch and wine tasting in the afternoon. it was an unforgettable experience in a beautiful region with a knowledgeable and professional (yet entertaining!) guide. highly recommended. will definitely be visiting the region again in the future and hope to do another tour with Sue. Arwa, Toronto, Canada

A Taste of Burgundy

Sue provided an informative and fun running commentary on the wines of Burgundy, the history and techniques of wine making in the region and an easy to follow explanation of the classifications. As part of our tour, we also had the opportunity to enjoy a first rate lunch with Burgundian regional dishes (and wine pairing). Between wineries, we met Laure and her family - yummy chevre (goats cheese) artisans - and were introduced to her "extended family", the alpine goats responsible for the delightful cheese. We would recommend Sue's tours. Lloyd, Bellevue, Washington

Quintessential Burgundian tour!

Last October, my sister and I – who live across the country from each other- had a rare opportunity for a last minute “sisters” trip to Burgundy. Both avid wine enthusiasts and foodies, our hope was to be able to explore the region, sample some wines/cuisine and learn about the wine/region from the locals. After speaking with several companies, we happened across “Burgundy on a Plate” and Sue Boxell. Not only did she manage to fit in a tour despite the short notice, but customized it based upon our interests. Sue is very knowledgeable about the region, well connected within the wine making community and incredibly hospitable. My sister, Kim and I truly enjoyed our day with Sue, and felt like we had the quintessential Burgundian tour – filled with delicious wines, education and laughter. We cannot recommend Sue and “Burgundy on a Plate” enough. If you’re looking for a truly authentic, educational, and welcoming experience, please contact Sue. You won’t be disappointed. Lori, USA

Burgundy Vineyards Tour - Refreshing perspective on Burgundy

When I arrived in Burgundy with my brother-in-law and two sisters, I had tried to read all the standard information available to the novice traveler about France's most famous wine region. Fortunately, I had enlisted the services of Sue Boxell, an accomplished chef and expert on Burgundy, to guide us through this glorious maze of culture, curiosity, and cuisine. Sue had "tailored" this tour to meet our specific needs, which were, to say the least, varied. Not only had she made arrangements for us to see the most iconic landmarks, restaurants and other important points of interest, we were able to visit many places that most travelers miss as they pass through this pastoral paradise on their way to their next destination. Sue has spent years developing relationships with small, exclusive domaines that most people aren't aware of. She knows many restaurateurs and her reputation allows her to introduce her guests to Burgundy's best place's to dine. When I returned from our trip, I felt I had gained an appreciation for Burgundy that I wouldn't have had if it weren't for Sue. She truly loves her work. If you are looking for the "real" Burgundian experience without being pandered to like a tourist, then I would recommend you try "Burgundy on a Plate”. Victoria W, Sylvan Lake, Michigan

Burgundy beyond our dreams!

We don't know where to begin with how much we love Burgundy, and how much Sue's tour was a highlight of our trip. She took us on a stunning driving tour of the region, where we were nearly the only people in the quiet month of December. We couldn't be more pleased with our memory of the wines. We were able to taste three grand crus and has a marvelous time at both wineries. Lunch was to die for, which included everything truffles!! After being told we may not find any truffles on our hunt, the dog and farmer didn't let us down! We were entertained by the experience, and truly the cool weather added to the experience. We didn't encounter any crowds or heat....just pure bliss in a sleepy countryside that just happens to produce the most perfect wine in all the world. Thank you, Sue! Samantha, Tallahassee, Florida

Interesting easy day around Beaune!

Sue Boxell organized and led us on a wonderful 24-hour adventure in and around Beaune and the beautiful Burgundy wine district. Sue met us late afternoon at the Beaune train station and dropped us at a delightful chateau in nearby Chorey where we spent the night and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Hermitage de Chorey, all arranged by Sue. The next day she toured us through the Beaune wine district with stops for 2 great tastings and a simple and delicious lunch at a village bistro, dropping us back at the train station late afternoon for an easy ride back to Lyon. A terrific introduction to the Burgoyne! Jonathan C - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Bucket List" Tour

I had always wanted to tour Bourgogne as part of my "Bucket List", so it was my good fortune to have Suzan/Sue as my guide since my time in Beaune was limited. She not only has extensive knowledge of the wines in that region, but also manages to demystify how to read labels, which admittedly I was intimidated by before touring with her. I have been on many "customized" wine tours in Australia, Sardinia, Sicily, Portugal, and I have to say that Sue's tour was not only educational, but thoroughly enjoyable--definitely one of the highlights of my trip to France. I am still savoring all the great wines we tasted, our outstanding lunch at a fabulous village restaurant and the cutest dog who hunts truffles--treat yourself to a memorable experience! Susan, San Diego, California

Wine and Chocolate what could be better!

Sue Boxell was our guide for this wonderful day spent in the vineyards, small family owned wineries and a beautiful chateaux. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. We have a feel for the specialness of this region and why it is so revered in the world of wine. Sue made sure we tasted great wines, had an excellent burgundy lunch and sampled the most beautiful chocolates. She used her personality and warmth to individualize our day which resulted in a perfect experience, we’re excited to receive our wine shipment in early September. DocMunch, San Diego, California

Sue Boxell is Superb!

Sue offered exactly what we were looking for in a tour guide: Information, expertise, patience, friendliness, and she paced the tour perfectly for our needs. She went above and beyond to help us ship our wine purchases to CT and has followed up with emails since we've been back to the states. Be careful not to assume you can ship wine from the domains -- its VERY difficult to get it out of France outside of Beaune! Sue is a delightful raconteur and one learns a great deal about the Burgundy region and its sumptuous wines from her tours. She also drove us to breathtaking lookouts over the valley pointing out specifics about topography that lend the unique characteristics to the various grapes: regional, village, premier cru and grand cru. Enlightening and delightful. I wouldn't hesitate to book her again. Dr. S - Farmington

Trip for a 60th birthday celebration

After reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, I started working with Sue long before we left the states for France. We had spent a few days in the Champagne region - and although we had taken into account the language difference and having a driver (since the restrictions on drinking and driving are fairly strict...and no one wanted to have to forgo the tastings) we hadn't accounted for the difference in vineyards in the states and in France. In France, only the very large establishments are preset to accommodate visitors on a regular basis...and our very reason for visiting was to learn and appreciate the many differences in the wine making process. It also surprised us that none of the vineyards could ship to the states...nor the shops in Paris. Enter Sue Boxell - the supreme tour guide of the Burgundy region. With another trip for a 60th birthday celebration to plan, Sue was pivotal in resolving those issues and creating three days of custom tours for us. With her unique background and attention to detail, she created three days of incredible visits to a full range of wineries, delicious meals in places that we would never have found on our own, the contacts to allow us to ship back to the states the many treasures we found, a kind and thoughtful education in the wines and food of the region - and introduced us to some truly lovely people along the way. And for me and my husband, she also added some very personal and intimate visits to the medieval towns in the region. Just thinking about our time with her brings a smile to my heart. So whatever your interests - be it playing golf at a castle, exploring the culture and dedication of wine making in Burgundy, the history of a very dynamic and ancient region, the appreciation of fine food from the farm to the table, I would strongly recommend you enlist Sue Boxell to help you achieve your dreams. ThistleGirl, Great Falls, Virginia

One of the best days of my life

My husband and I booked the medieval tour in late November as something special for my 50th birthday. We wanted a mix of everything food wine and some history and this tour certainly delivered. We are not wine experts just love having fun. Sue is a wine expert so we had lots of interesting conversation learning about the wines of the area. Then day was filled with one highlight after another. Flavigny the village where the movie chocolat was filmed. The exquisite meal we had at a nearby restaurant was out of this world. An impromptu stop at a local potter where I bought a stunning piece which now hangs in my kitchen And the winery at the end where we tasted grand cru wines and bought some to take home. Incredible! Essendon, Melbourne, Australia

Let Sue be your Burgundian friend

As part of our first visit to Burgundy, we three couples chose in advance one of Sue’s tour offerings: Cheese and Wine scheduled towards the end of our week’s stay. She picked us up in a minivan and drove us through vineyards filled with workers picking this year’s harvest. We found ourselves at an artisan, goat-cheese maker’s farm in the hills above and Northwest of the Côte de Nuit. After the owner, Paule, showed us the 100-goat operation, we were taken into the three- hundred year old farmhouse, seated at a table in a room filled with interesting artifacts, and treated to samples of the various cheeses prepared there. They all tasted wonderful, washed down with an Aligoté wine. Lunch was at a comfortable restaurant busy with local people. Choice of the wine was a collaborative effort and part of the fun. After lunch we learned how the wines were classified, viewing examples of vineyards where outstanding wines originated. Finally we tasted wine at several cellars chosen for their picturesqueness as well as for the wine quality. If you do not have Burgundian friends to show you the special places, then Sue Boxell, British and trained as professional chief, is knowledgeable and well suited to show you. Clint, South Carolina

Great insight into Burgundy

Sue is a longtime resident of Burgundy, a serious foodie and wine scholar. She takes an intricate and systematic approach to introduce the food and wines of Burgundy, along with an intimate knowledge of the land and invaluable contacts. Touring Cotes de Nuits with her was a pleasure - visiting wineries and cellar doors, she was able to slip us tastings not normally reserved for the public, and took special effort to accommodate all our interests. To top it off, lunch with her is a special treat, as she knows the best places to go, and has always fantastic recipes to share. An overall wonderful guide, insightful and instructive, supportive and flexible at the same time. The tour really is just about Sue sharing her favorite places with you.Fantastic! Chen, Sydney, Australia

Look no further for wine and gastronomy

Navigating the Burgundy wine region can be tricky if you're not familiar with the wine makers, appellations, vintages and of course, the French language. Sue was a fantastic host who masterfully crafted an entire day in the Cote de Nuit for us thanks to her expert knowledge of the region and the people who run the various Domaines. Coupled with her exquisite taste of gastronomy and an amazing lunch she arranged for us, I couldn't have imagined a better day in Burgundy. Ugo, Palo Alto, California

Summer in Burgundy

As I sit here this evening enjoying a fine 1er Cru from the Burgundy region, I am drawn back to our trip to the region last summer. My wife and I were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and had 3 nights planned in the Burgundy region. Wanting an efficient "taste" of the region we decided to a privately escorted tour. We chose Burgundy on a Plate based on the very interesting tours that Sue offered. As we poured through brochures of standard tours of the region, we were looking for something more unique, more personal and more local. Burgundy on a Plate "on paper" appeared as a huge standout. We were also attracted to the fact that Sue was bi-lingual with English being her primary language. Since our goal was to learn as much as we could about the wine, region and terroir we wanted someone who could translate the intricacies of the region in a detailed manner. As much as we were fascinated with the wines we were excited and intrigued about truffles, foods, and fruits of the region. Our only disappointment was that we just had 3 days and had to limit ourselves to 2 full day tours. Thankfully Sue is the type of person you find yourself wanting to spend more time with. She is knowledgeable, witty, and very charming. We enjoyed her "joie de vivre" and her passion for France, Burgundy, wine and gourmet. She was very organized and timely with her domaine visits, and seemed to have good rapport with the vintners. She nicely balanced the tour with time in the caves, the vineyards, and the tasting rooms. What is very important to know about this tour is the flexibility that it offers. Nothing seemed to have been set in stone, and could be molded to our desires and expectations. I encourage dialogue with Sue well before your tour so you can have the best customized tour possible. One activity that I would absolutely recommend is the Truffle Hunting experience. We are fascinated with this highly prized and highly flavorful mushroom. The morning with the truffle hunter and his dog was amazing. This was followed by a fantastic truffle laden lunch. I would not miss this. So alas, as I finish my glass of wine this evening I dream of a return to the region and of course with even more time spent with Sue and Burgundy on a Plate tours. SKMan, Bel Air, Maryland


One can't get a better tour of Burgundy than with Sue. Informative is an understatement. Not only does Sue share her vast knowledge of the area - food, wine, cheese - with you, but also, she shares her favorite places with you. This is about as personal as it gets. She customizes her tours to fit your wants and needs, and if you're not sure about what you want, she will decide for you and does not disappoint. If you are a foodie and a wine lover, this is the place to be with Sue as your guide. Liz N, Franklin, Wisconsin

Customized and Informative

The tour with Sue was customized just for us. She watched our reactions at the first tasting and helped us find wines that matched our tastes. She was affable and informative. I felt as though it would have been impossible to get into the domaines we visited on our own. We began the tour with no knowledge of Burgundy wines and finished feeling perfectly able to make a wise choice on our next trip to our own local shops. Thanks for a wonderful experience! Marcy R, Seattle, Washington

Very Informative Wine Tour

Although it was the darkest and rainiest day of our trip, Sue gave us an enlightening tour of the vineyards, imparting her local knowledge, guiding us through tastings at two wine producers and taking us to lunch at a nice restaurant. The highlight for me was Sue's selection of the wine at lunch, which was the best we had on our entire trip, and which I certainly would not have known to select on my own. There is a ton to learn to try to understand Burgundy, and while one day is not enough even to scratch the surface, Sue clearly demonstrated the breadth and depth of her knowledge about Burgundy winemaking, producers, and vintages! David S, New York City

Excellent Introduction

After a one-day tour of the vineyards and domaines surrounding Beaune, I felt as if I'd had a crash course in all things related to Burgundy wines. Sue has an exceptional knowledge of wine and culinary delights of the area, as well as all of the cultural and historical nuances that encompass this age-old industry. I recommend the day-long tour to anyone wishing for a comprehensive introduction to the regions many offerings. I plan to book lengthier tours with Sue in future visits to France. Kacy T, Concord, North Carolina